Why Cancer and Aquarius ascendants produce maximum number of multimillionaires?

Cancer Ascendant
If you are born with Cancer ascendant in a Vedic chart please read on. You are extremely sensitive, inquisitive, nervous and restless person who is interested in music and has manual dexterity. You have a middle size body, full face, slightly snub nose, fair complexion, long arms, long face and well developed chest.
You are a highly emotional person with an intuitive, perceptive and restless mind. You are intelligent, bright and frugal with your money. You are a hard working person and it is difficult for you to goof off. The nature is spiritual and charitable. There is resilience and strength in your character. You have a forgiving nature and treat your subordinates with respect. You seek pleasure in life, and are deeply attached to your family and children. Love affairs are not very successful and generally unproductive. You love to talk, are self reliant, honest and unbending. You love justice and fair play and are liked for this trait. You have strong emotions and a psychic ability. You are receptive to new ideas and adapt yourself to new environment easily. You are fond of creature comforts and love to have things and gadgets around you. You are inherently a cautious person. Any profession which has a fluctuating nature is best suited for you. Read more...